More about the fast food comparison, and one giant WOW.

So… WOW. It happened again. Only this time even bigger.

That “Fast Food Restaurants and Nutrition Facts Compared” thing I put together ended up being pretty big. A bunch of huge sites mentioned it and, the next thing you know, it’s on the front page of and a bunch of other huge sites are mentioning it. I actually got a couple of emails from people telling me they heard about it on the radio. The radio? YES… the radio. Crazy.

Translation for the non-geeks… about 75,000 people came to just that fast food comparison in, are you ready for this, the 12 hours between 10am and 10pm yesterday. Insane. For the week it’s been up, it’s over 200,000 total. It’s already at about 30,000 so far today. It’s just plain crazy.

Here’s a little bit more not-so-useful stuff before I get to the actual useful stuff that you’ll actually be interested in seeing.

Just want to thank Jason of and Ben from for again being awesome enough to mention something I create. Another thank you to, and, 3 of the top 6 blogs on the planet, for also being cool enough to mention it. The same goes for what seems like an infinite number of other sites and blogs (big and small) who are also picking it up. You all rule.

Speaking of stuff that rules, another HUGE thank you to my web host,, for defying the laws of bandwidth and staying up and at full speed the entire time. I don’t care where your site/blog is currently hosted, will host it better.

Alright, now the useful stuff. I have a growing list of really cool stuff I want to get working on next for the site. But, before I can get to that stuff, I think I have to get to the 80 billion suggestions I’ve received regarding the fast food comparison.

By far, the 2 most suggested suggestions were:

  1. Adding food from Chik-fil-A to the comparison. 50 people must have brought this up in the span of a day. I actually never even heard of the place until now (I don’t think we have them in NY) but if the people (that’s you guys) want it, the people will get it.
  2. A per-gram comparison. Holy crap… seriously… if you combine the comments in the previous blog post with the comments in the digg post, and then add in the 100+ emails I ended up getting about that article yesterday/today alone… I think close to 300 people have requested a per-gram comparison with this data. This is definitely a much bigger, more time consuming suggestion than the Chik-fil-A addition, but if the people want it, the people will get it… eventually. 😉

After those 2, there were a lot of requests for fish, salads, shakes, and desserts. There were also requests for other restaurants (more that I again never even heard of) and a bunch of other foods. All of the suggestions made as well as those that continue to be made will all be taken into account by me as I gradually start updating this thing. Some may take longer to get to than others, but I’ll do my best to get to as many as I can as quickly as I can.

As long as you’ve grabbed up the feed, you’ll be the first to know about any and all updates made.

Other than that, a ton of more super cool, super interesting, and super useful diet, nutrition and health content is on the way. (Do I lose credibility as a writer when I describe something as “super cool?” I hope not, I purposely avoid throwing “duper” in there for just that reason.)


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