Making a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, build muscle, or eat healthy? I got you covered.

Ah yes, January 2nd. The New Year’s Resolutions have been made, and it’s now time to figure out how the hell to actually make them happen.

Well, I have some terrific news. If your resolution has anything to do with losing weight, building muscle, or eating healthy, consider this the end of your research. Below is everything you will need to cross these resolutions off your list for good.

  • The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide
    Everything you’ll ever need to know about losing weight in one convenient, insanely comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide. It’s the only weight loss article you’ll ever need to read. Seriously.
  • The Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle
    The muscle building equivalent to the above article, this guide will walk you through the entire process of every single thing you need to do (and not do) in order to successfully build muscle.
  • The Beginner’s Guide To Diet, Nutrition & Healthy Eating
    Not really interested in focusing solely on weight loss or building muscle? More just looking for a crash course in how to improve your entire diet and eat healthy? This is the guide for you.

Happy New Year everyone. Plenty of more good stuff is on the way for 2009.

6 thoughts on “Making a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, build muscle, or eat healthy? I got you covered.”

  1. hi,

    im one of the countless many who fall for the weight loss pills, powders etc..ive even wasted a load of cash..ur idea of commonsense approach is really now 83 kgs and my goal is to get down to 65…will let you know how it goes..btw, can my mom who is 52yrs use the same method? please let me know..

    thanks a ton!

  2. I am a 52 year old mom who can categorically declare that this is the site I’ve been looking for all my life! Wish I’d known about it before… the info and advice makes perfect sense and works perfectly too. I’ve started shedding pounds without feeling deprived and I’m on top of the world. Didn’t know it could be so simple. Thanks for providing & sharing so much important info for free. God bless you, creator of a-calorie-counter, whoever you are. And, Dhanashri, let your mom go for it!

  3. Thanks for the site. Reading all of your articles has been great – the dry wit and deft skewering of the myths is priceless. Much appreciation for the high quality information. I’ve tried so many gimmick diets and when the novelty of the angle wore off, I always reverted. Atkins, Protein Power, South Beach, Body for life, Sugar Busters, Weight Watchers. I’ve tried big-name crap supplements too. Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, Metabolife, ECA stacker, ad nauseum. Anyway, with the sober and sound guidance found on, I’ve gone from 320 lbs to 295 lbs in about 3.5 months. My biggest problem as a life-long weightlifter is trying to preserve my muscle as I lose weight. I’ve always been able to bench press my body weight for 2 unaided reps, so I guess as long as I can keep doing at least that, it will have to do. My goal is 195 pounds by my 40th birthday (360 days from now) so it will be a little hard to swallow having my bench go from 325 to 195. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to keep it at 225 though. Keeping it a 275 would be even better. Any thoughts on retaining muscle and strength during weight loss would be appreciated, although perhaps you’ve addressed these already and I just missed it.

    One question: any idea on how effective just using table sugar instead of dextrose is for the post-workout shake?

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