a Calorie Counter turns 1.

About a year ago today, a Calorie Counter went live. So uh… I guess a “happy birthday” is in order. Or maybe anniversary? I have no idea. Either way, the moral of the story here is that this very site has now spent 1 full year making the internet a better place. Sweet. 😉

During that time, big things have happened. For example, various parts of a Calorie Counter have been mentioned by the likes of Business Week, The Huffington Post, Lifehacker and other sites so big you’d think I was making it up. Equally cool is the fact that a whole bunch of schools are using this site as part of their health/nutrition courses. Pretty sweet again.

I’m also quite proud of the countless comments and emails I’ve gotten from you fine people letting me know how much weight you’ve lost, or how much muscle you’ve built, or how a Calorie Counter has in some way been of use to you. Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad the site could be of service.

Speaking of this site being of service… something is on its way soon that will actually make a Calorie Counter be of even more service. And, you’re going to like it. As soon as it’s ready to go, you’ll be the first person I tell, I promise.

That’s about it. Another year of extremely useful stuff is on the way. Stay tuned…

9 thoughts on “a Calorie Counter turns 1.”

  1. I can’t even begin to explain how useful this site has been for me over the last year or so. I use it almost daily to look up foods and add up totals. But really it was your articles about how to put this information to use that helped me most in the first place.

    So for all of that, thanks a ton, and keep up the awesome work.

  2. Love the site. Just a thought, why not try adding a list of “least caloric-dense foods on a per-gram-basis”(hope that made sense)…

  3. I’m new to the site and have to say, it looks to have great info.
    First off, I have stayed at my current weight give or take 1/2 pounds for quite a while. I do a lot of cycling. And now want to drop 10 to 15 pounds before of the next race season.
    I have started to watch Calories to help with this.
    But, if I start doing more intense weight training (mostly lower body). How do I factor in the weight gain do to muscle build up?

  4. Thank you to the person who created this site… great information and ver helpful to people who like me can’t afford a nutritionist or a gym… The information given really makes a lot of sense and the calory counter is fantastic… It makes tracking calories much more easier…

    Thank you for your hard work!

  5. Thank you, A Calorie Counter.

    Yours is the most useful website I have found concerning healthy, sane weight loss. I am eagerly looking forward to the ‘improvements’ you’re planning. Keep up the good work. WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DID YOU GET SO SMART?

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