A bit more about fast food, trans fat and 56,000 people.

So, three days ago I finished putting together a list of the 88 fast food items highest in trans fat (which I gave the lovely nickname of The 88 Fast Food Items Most Likely To Kill You). I personally thought it was something a bunch of people would find either useful, interesting or a combination of both. As it turns out, a “bunch” was an underestimation on my part.

Within the span of a couple of hours, the article got mentioned on seriouseats.com, consumerist.com, and kottke.org. Within about an hour or so of that, the article was on the front page of Digg and a bit later in the day, the front page of del.icio.us as well.

To the non-geeks in attendance, this translated into about 40,000 people coming to a Calorie Counter in less than 24 hours to check out that fast food/trans fat article. Another 14,000 came the next day. Today, as of 11:30am on a Sunday morning, another 2,000 were here. Quite insane (and very awesome), if you ask me.

So, to all of the sites/blogs that mentioned the article, thanks a lot. To everyone who continues to mention it (it’s honestly hard for me to keep up at this point), thank you as well. I’m glad people seemed to dig it (pun most definitely intended).

You same people will most definitely dig the wayyyy bigger fast food related project I’m currently working on. Stay tuned.

I’d also like to point you guys in the direction of something a guy named Michael put together. He took all of the data from the trans fat fast food list and made it a bit more visual. You can see what I mean here: bar chart and here: tree map. Pretty cool. Thanks Michael.


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