3 updates to a Calorie Counter.

Hey there. A few small updates have been made to a Calorie Counter. In no specific order, here are those updates…

(Please hold your applause until all of the updates have been mentioned. Thanks.)

  1. As requested, a bunch of Chick-Fil-A breakfast items and chicken sandwiches have been added to the Fast Food Comparison. Seeing as I never even heard of the place until a few dozen of you requested that they be added, I was pretty happy to see some good numbers nutrition-wise for their chicken related stuff (no trans fat there, nice). The breakfast items on the other hand… not so much. More than enough trans fat to go around there.
  2. Since a Calorie Counter went live a little over a month ago, the most requested feature for the search interface was the addition of “previous” and “next” links to navigate between the search results pages. Well, consider them officially added. Feel free to do a search and check it out. It’s not the world’s biggest update, but it sure is useful.
  3. Speaking of searching, the giant database of foods and their nutritional content that this site is using is supplied by the USDA. Every once in a while they update that database. Well, that time has come, and we here at a Calorie Counter (it’s pretty much just me, but “we” sounds cooler) wasted little time in making sure our database was updated as well. So, consider that done too. If you ever searched for something that wasn’t in the previous database, feel free to give it another shot now.

There you have it, the 3 updates.

With it being Thanksgiving this week over here, I may not get too much other work done on the site for a few days. But, have no fear. A bunch of really good stuff is on the way.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving.


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