Trick-or-Treat: Halloween Candy Compared

With Halloween almost here, it made up coming up with my next food comparison idea (after the cereal one) pretty easy.

So, I present to you… Candy & Chocolate Bars Compared

This comparison features almost 70 different types of candy and chocolate bars from brands like Hershey’s, Nestle and Mars. Before you dig into your left over Halloween candy (or what you/your kids bring in from trick-or-treating), you may just want to give this a quick glance. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Trick-or-Treat: Halloween Candy Compared”

  1. Perfect timing with this one. Do you plan on doing other food comparisons in the future? They’ve been really useful thus far.

  2. Sean, glad you liked it. And yeah, I’m definitely planning on doing more of these food comparisons. I already have ideas for the next two, both of which should be quite good. I actually think one of these two is going to be extra good. Possibly even great.

    You’ll know it when you see it. 😉

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