The 272 Fast Food Items Most Likely To Make You Fat

And now to complete the fast food article trilogy.

As you may remember, part 1 of this series was my list of the Fast Food Items Highest In Trans Fat. While that ended up coming out first, it was actually created halfway through compiling the massive amount of data used for Fast Food Restaurants and Nutrition Facts Compared. And now… it’s time for part 3.

Although, this won’t really be the final part. See, I have found that there is an infinite amount of fun that can be had with fast food nutrition facts, and I seem to be unable to stop myself from thinking of new useful/interesting things to do with it all.

So, while what you’re about to see may be the last fast food related article you see from me for a little while (other equally cool, equally huge things are on the way), it definitely won’t be the last giant fast food thing I put together. Just thought you might want to know. Anyway… on to part 3.

Have you ever wanted to see a list/ranking of every single fast food item containing over 700 calories per serving? If so, today is your lucky day.

I have gone through the menus of 25 fast food restaurants to put together a list of the Fast Food Items Highest In Calories.

I decided on 700 as the calorie cut off point, and there still ended up being 272 foods making this list. Are you ready for this? Of the 272, 63 items contained 1000 or more calories. Mmmm, fantastic!

So… check it out: Fast Food Items Highest In Calories

22 thoughts on “The 272 Fast Food Items Most Likely To Make You Fat”

  1. I am so going to die! I always wondered why when I ate somethings that I thought were a little healthier than others I ended up feeling sick.

  2. Hey thank you for that list….I have probably eaten most of that food at one time or another. It is very shocking to see something like a Carls burger has more then half your recommended calories for the day but leaves you hungry. I gave all fast food up about 6 months ago and I truly do not miss it one bit. I am down 50 pounds and feel great.


  4. I think you have done a marvelous job with this site… you’ve inspired me to jump back on the weight loss wagon and not break the axle again! lol

    Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  5. Great work!

    Prepare yourself. I am so jealous of all this information that you have worked hard to collect that I’m criticize the smallest detail in hopes of making myself feel better for being far lazier than you. A couple of those “insane” high calorie counts were wrong. Refer to Nathan’s new nutritional listing here:

    …and you missed Captain D’s:

  6. thank you so much ! as an average teen, i do not see calorie counts or nutrition info on many of the foods i eat. i believe it is crucial to count my calories and exercise regularly to live a healthy lifestyle. thanks for promoting this. i will stay away from these foods !!

  7. I am encouraging our high school students to use your site for this very good information in the most usable format I have found yet. We have to learn to live with fast food because it isn’t going away and our culture isn’t going to change. THANKS!

  8. I really appreciated all of the Fast Food nutrition information. What useful information, and what a lot of work!

    I personally have been a Vegetarian since birth. I was wondering if there is a way to determine the same information on the hamburgers/sandwiches just leaving the meat out?
    I have always ordered a Big & Tasty w/o mayonnaise and without meat.

    I love Sonic’s food and cheeseburgers, just without the meat.

    I assume I am not the only person who does this and would be interested in this information.

    Thank you for a response…

  9. Is it my imagination or was half of that list different sizes and flavors of malts and shakes?

    To the person who asked about nutritional content without meat – some fast food restaurants now have calculators on their websites which will break down every ingredient – you can add and subtract at will.

    McDonalds will do this and the Yum Inc brands will as well (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W Root Beer, Long John Silver’s)

    Meat isn’t always the big culprit. A lot of the calories will come from the bun and any mayo-based condiments. A regular McDonalds hamburger only has 1/10 pound of meat. A Big Mac will have 2 patties, which is about 3 ounces of meat – a perfectly reasonable serving.

    If you want to quickly cut the calories / sodium on a fast food sandwich, hold the mayo and throw away half of the bun. If you want to cut down on the high fat salad dressing, use a packet of chicken nugget sauce instead of the salad dressing. For instance, honey mustard or bar be que. It will have maybe 50 calories at most, and much less sodium than the salad dressing packet.

  10. I, too, appreciate all the hard work put into this. But now that I know what to avoid, it would be helpful to have an opposite list – which fast food menu items have the LEAST amount of calories? (Or is that list already hiding somewhere else on this website?) Using this website to keep a daily diary of all my nutrition info has been enlightening!

  11. So i work at sonic, and i can promise you ive sold most of those items together to a single person many times a day. and i know your thinking oh theyre taking it home to their family, well ive also seen many people sit there and eat the supersonicburger, sonic size fries with a route 44 coke and a blast for dessert. thank god for this website haha. i knew most of our food was bad for you, but this is just crazy.

  12. For those looking for positive ideas of what to eat – take a look at the book Eat This, Not That. Besides the specific recommendations, it provides the concepts of what to eat and what to avoid – for example, hold the MAYO!

    It would be nice to see this list in order by company – that would make it easier to identify the bad foods at the places you frequent.

    Good luck everyone – I lost 60 pounds in the past year or so by just eating smarter and getting lots of exercise. The trick is to find an exercise you love – in my case, hiking in the local mountains. MUCH better that a treadmill in the gym – and cheaper!

  13. Do you have a list of the lowest calorie choices at fast food restaurants, in other words the better choices to make if you do need to have fast food>

  14. In answer to your question about the Nathan’s shrimp platter/ seafood combo that has an astonishing amount of calories, after doing a little research and from what I can tell, it does look like it’s meant for one person,an Arthur Treachers/Nathans is going up around the corner,so I can tell you for sure soon.Thanks for the list!

  15. Thanks for list. This is really helpful. Specially at places who are newly embrasing fast foods thus causing a complete mishmash of nutrients.

  16. Thanks so much for the list. This really helped me! Your page said everything it needed to… Especially because now I know to look up the actual food sites.
    Thanks again!

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