The Answers To Your Questions: Part 1

So a couple of days ago I asked for your best diet, nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, weight training, muscle building, product, supplement and food questions. Within about 24 hours, 71 questions were asked… and I answered a whole lot of them. Check it out.

Question and Answer: Part 1

Do you have any diet, nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, exercise, muscle building, product, supplement or food related questions? If so, this is a really good time to ask them.

How often should you change your workout?

So, how often do you change your workout? Or, even better, how often are you supposed to change your workout? Here’s what I think is the best answer to that question.

How to use your back during back exercises.

When doing back exercises, many people have problems actually using their back and rarely get much out of it other than a good workout for their biceps. Here’s how to fix that.

The Greatest Muscle Building Article Of All Time

Do you have any interest in building some muscle? If so, consider today your luckiest day in the history of lucky days. Remember The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide? Well, this is the muscle building equivalent. Come check it out.

A Guide To Diet Creation And Healthy Eating

Here’s an easy-to-understand guide to diet creation and healthy eating. If your weight, diet, nutrition or health could use some improving, this is the place to start.

Do your weight training results suck?

Did you do any weight training in the past? Did your results suck?

Doing any weight training currently? Do your results suck?

Planning on starting weight training in the future? Want to prevent your results from sucking?

If you said “yeah” at least once, today is your lucky day.