Fast food "per-gram" comparison now available.

A bunch of people requested a fast food comparison done per-gram (rather than per serving). I’m happy to tell you that a per-gram comparison is now available. Well, sort of.

See, putting Fast Food Restaurants and Nutrition Facts Compared together took a whole bunch of time and work. However, I knew it would be useful, interesting and all around awesome, so doing it was no problem whatsoever. In fact, I plan on putting together many similarly huge things in the future.

The thing is, the thought of literally doing the entire comparison all over again (this time per-gram) is, how shall I put this… really not good. 😉

I actually started working on it (the french fries portion is all finished). The first problem I came across was that adding all of this new per-gram data made the tables wider than this site is designed for. So, my choices were to either just increase the width of a Calorie Counter as a whole (or just that comparison page), or make a second set of tables for each food group compared and put the per-gram data there. Non-geek translation: “Ahhh! This sucks! GRRRR!”

And then, as if by some form of divine intervention, I received an email. Not just any email either, this was an email with an attachment. What was this attachment, you ask? It was the fast food comparison done per-gram… in Excel format.

It’s all neat and simple and sortable, and best of all, I didn’t have to do a damn thing. 🙂

June from Covert Vegetable was cool enough to do all the work. So, you have her to thank for this getting done because honestly, at the rate I’d be forcing myself to do this comparison all over again, I think we’d be looking at a 2009 release date. So, altogether now… thanks June!

For those of you that requested it, here is the Per-Gram Fast Food Comparison.

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